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If you don’t have access to a gym or dumbbells, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a home workout. There’s always time to workout even if you don’t have any weights.

This home workout will be a total body split in which you will be working out 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. There will be Workout A, Workout B and Workout C.

Monday: Workout A

Wednesday: Workout B

Friday: Workout C

Equipment needed: Pull up bar (preferably)

Without further ado, here are the workouts.

Workout A

  • Clapping push ups: 3-4 set to failure
  • Squats: 3-4 sets to failure
  • Inverted row: 3-4 sets to failure
  • Pike push ups: 3-4 set to failure
  • Superman or glute bridge: 3 set 12-15 reps

* To do the inverted row at home, you can get a broomstick or metal bar and place in between two chairs. If not, you can use place your hands at the edge of a table and pull yourself up.

Workout B

  • Minute 1: Push ups                                 Minute 6: Handstand push ups
  • Minute 2: Split squat jumps                  Minute 7: Box jumps (use chair if you don’t have box)
  • Minute 3: Inverted row                     Minute 8: Inverted chin curls
  • Minute 4: Planks                                     Minute 9: Angel and devils
  • Minute 5: Rest                                         Minute 10: Rest

Workout B is to be timed. For the first minute, you do as many push ups in good form as you can, and you move on to split squat jumps for minute 2 without rest. This is continued till you finished all exercises.

This workout is to be repeated for as many rounds as you can.

Workout C

  • Push up hold: 3 set to failure (Hold push up position at bottom for about 2-3 seconds)
  • Reverse lunge into a squat: 3 set to failure (do a reverse lunge on each leg and do a squat. This counts as 1 rep)
  • Pull ups: 3-4 set to failure (use bands to assist you if you can’t do pull ups)
  • Handstand push ups/pike push ups: 3-4 set to failure
  • Angel and devils: 2-3 set 12-15 reps

NOTE: If you don’t have a pull up bar, you can use the edge of a table. Sit down with your legs straight and pull yourself up to the table.

Home workout
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