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Only have dumbbells? – Dumbbell workout to Build a Strong Body

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Looking to workout but only have access to dumbbells? The solution is here.

Equipment needed: Dumbbells (DB), Bench/Floor, and a pull up bar.

Dumbbells are a great way to build muscle if you don’t have access or don’t want to use machines or barbells at the gym.

It can also be used to fix any imbalances you have in a muscle group. You can use dumbbells at home or at the gym so they’re a great convenience.

This dumbbell workout will be split into two training splits and you may choose whichever suits your schedule.

The first training split will be a 5-day split which is more of a bodybuilding type of split and will target each muscle group once a week and have 2 days of rest.

Before starting each workout, make sure you warm up properly such as doing some dynamic stretching and light cardio such as a quick jump rope for a minute or two to get the heart rate up.


Upper Body Warm up

Dead hand – 30 seconds

Scapular wall slide – 5–10 reps

Band pull apart – 8-10 reps

Band External rotation – 10-12 reps

Lower body warm up

Leg swing – 10 reps side to side and 10 reps front to back

5-day split:

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Arms

Saturday – Shoulders

Sunday – Rest

RM – REP MAXIMUM. Choose a weight that will allow you to fail within the rep range.


  • DB Bench/Floor Press: 4 sets 10-12 RM
  • DB Incline squeeze: 4 sets 10-12RM
  • DB Floor fly: 4 sets of 10-12RM
  • UCV Raise: 3 sets of 10-12RM
  • Push ups: 3 set to failure


  • Goblet squat/ DB Bulgarian Split Squat: 4 sets of 10-12RM (Rotate each exercise every week)
  • DB Reverse Lunge: 2-3 sets of 10-12RM
  • DB RDL: 4 sets of 10-12RM
  • DB Swing: 4 set of 15
  • DB Calf raises: 3-4 sets of 15-20


  • Weighted pull up: 3 set of 6-8RM (use DB as extra weight)
  • DB T Bar row: 4 set of 10-12RM (Use a single heavy DB)
  • DB Pullover: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB shrug: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Carry: 3 set to failure


  • Standing DB Curl: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Incline Curl: 4 set 10-12RM (Make sure you get a good stretch on the biceps)
  • Cross Body Hammer curl: 3 set 8-10RM
  • DB Lying triceps extension: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Kickback: 4 set 10-12RM
  • Diamond push up/ triceps push up: 3 set to failure (For triceps push ups, make sure your elbows are close to you core and not flared out)


  • Standing DB overhead press: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Front raise: 3 set 10-12RM
  • Side lateral raise: 4 set 10-12RM (moderate weight)
  • Side lateral raise: 3 set 12-15RM (use light weight and pause at top of rep and slow down on the way to the bottom)
  • Rear delt fly: 4 set 10-12RM

Total body split

This training split will be 3 days a week and is for lifters who don’t have enough time to go gym 5 days a week, and it will involve similar exercises to the 5-day training split.

You will have more rest days in this split and more time for recovery. This can be done at home or at gym.

Monday – Workout A

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Workout B

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Workout C

Saturday/ Sunday – Rest

Workout A

  • DB chest press: 4 set 10-12RM (You can do this at home on the floor if you don’t have access to gym)
  • DB row: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Push press: 4 set 10-12RM (This is same as overhead press but since you’re using a heavier weight, use your legs as momentum to help you push overhead)
  • DB Goblet Squat: 4 set 10-12RM
  • Standing DB curl: 3 set 10-12RM

Workout B

  • DB Floor Fly: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB T-bar row: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB side lateral raise: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Bulgarian Squat: 4 set 10-12RM (Use sofa/chair if you don’t have bench to place your leg on)
  • DB lying triceps extension: 3 set 10-12RM
  • Weighted push ups: 3 set to failure

Workout C

  • DB incline press: 4 set 10-12RM (UCV raise if you are working out at home)
  • One arm DB row: 4 set to 10-12RM
  • DB RDL: 4 set 10-12RM
  • DB Swing: 4 set 20 (Choose a weight that makes the 20th rep challenging but not till failure)
  • DB waiters curl: 3-4 set10-12RM
  • DB Carry: 50 steps (choose a weight that makes the 50th step challenging but not till failure)

Hope you guys enjoy this workout!

Home workout to build strong and lean muscle

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